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Top 5 for Spring Cleaning

Photo Credit: gilaxia from Unsplash

Written by: Bruce Gourley – co-owner;  youngest son, biggest truck.

Spring is here and that means Spring cleaning — the fun kind! GAP Auto has everything you need to blast away what Winter threw at your vehicle and get your ride shining again.

Our team put together our Top 5 products for your Spring deep-clean!

Shine On

After the grime and grit of Winter driving, Magic Shine will bring that signature GAP sheen back to the interior and exterior of your vehicle! This versatile all-purpose silicone dressing is water-resistant, restoring and preserving your ride’s high-gloss shine.

Fade Away

Harsh corrosion and dirt from road salt, UV rays, and pollution all fade the plastic and rubber all around your vehicle. GAP X Recon Trim X Ceramic Trim Coating creates a durable and deeply shining layer, restoring your vehicle’s trimming to its former glory and protecting it all year long.

Steel Horse Meet Iron Horse

When it comes to your vehicle’s rims, this product is a real work horse. Iron Horse is a non-acid wheel cleaner that will blast through the salt, stains, grime, and brake dust left over from Winter driving conditions — your ride will be ready to show off in the Summer sun in no time.

Hair of the Dog

Man’s best friend, meet a GAP Professional detailer’s best friend: the Fur Gone Stone. This stone drags pet hair out of the carpets, mats, and seats of your vehicle with ease! Plus, it’s simple to use and can be stored in your car for quick touch-ups.

You Can Do Magic

Whether you rock a hockey parent van or a vintage muscle car, Magic Foam Tire Dressing will have your tires looking car show ready! This product sprays on a thick foam, so minimal elbow-grease is required; just spray on, wipe, and rinse.

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