AIRCO-MATIC III A/C Cleaning Machine

Part#: ZW03003
  • Freshens Not Only the HVAC System, but the Entire Vehicle Interior Environment
  • Utilizes Advanced Ultrasonic Technology to Dramatically Improve Odor Elimination-the Ozone Service (Short 15 Min, Long 30 Min) Reacts with the O² Molecules to Create O³ Molecules the have been Shown to Kill Bacteria, Germs and Mold
  • Removes Tobacco, Food, Pet and Many Other Odors
  • Helps Reduce Carpet, Upholstery and Headliner Odors
  • Complete Service is Performed in About 25 Minutes
  • Ideal as a Service Department Offering and for Reconditioning Used Cars

Wynn’s Aircomatic III HVAC Cleaning System safely and quickly eliminates offensive odors in the vehicle interior and air conditioning system. For best results, these two products are required for the machine to operate – Wynn’s Airco-Clean (30208) and Wynn’s Air Purifier (A1601).

Weight 10.000000 lbs
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