Wynn’s Mass Airflow Sensor Cleaner (12/Case)

Part#: 63201
  • Improves Air/Fuel Ratio
  • Reduces Rough Idle
  • Restores Throttle Response
  • Restores Vehicle Performance & Fuel Economy Contributing to Greater Fuel Cost Savings
  • Restores Sensor Performance
  • Eliminates Dust, Dirt, Varnish and Gummy Substances
  • Won’t Harm Plastic and Leaves No Residue

The mass air flow (MAF) sensor is designed to precisely measure the amount of air entering the engine, resulting in the engine’s computer accurately calculating the optimum amount of fuel to be injected. A dirty MAF sensor leads to vehicle performance problems including stalling, rough idle, acceleration flat spots, engine warning lights, and poor fuel economy. Cleaning the MAF sensor requires a specialized chemical and Wynn’s® MAF Sensor Cleaner works safely and quickly to eliminate the deposits affecting vehicle performance.

Weight 0.500000 lbs

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