Wynn’s Premium Fuel System Cleaner(24/Case)

Part#: 67104B
  • Cleans Fuel Injectors and PFI Intake Valves within One Tank of Fuel (300 Miles of Driving)
  • Emulsifies and Removes Water From the Fuel Tank
  • Protects Against Fuel System Corrosion Caused by the Effects of Ethanol in the Fuel
  • Compatible with Gasolines up to E-15
  • Restores Volumetric Efficiency Thus Restoring Lost Fuel Economy, Reducing Harmful Exhaust Emissions and Restoring Performance
  • Safe for Use in All Gasoline Powered Vehicles
  • Safe for Sensitive Materials and Components, including Oxygen Sensors and Catalytic Converters
  • One Bottle Treats up to 20 Gallons/75 Liters of Gasoline

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